Terms and Policies

Our commitment and responsibility

Our terms and policies page outlines our commitment to you, our esteemed employees and valued stakeholders. This page contains the concrete principles that guide our actions and decisions every day. Please take a moment to explore our terms, guidelines and policies, as they have been carefully crafted to uphold the highest standards of integrity, fairness and responsibility.

Terms And Policies - Company Guidelines - Rubix Studios

Terms and policies guidelines

Terms of service

Our terms of service and your acceptance to using our website and services.

Privacy Policy

Our committed to safeguarding the privacy of our customers and website visitors.

Data Breach Policy

This policy outlines how we respond to a data breach, in adherence to the Privacy Act 1988.

Shipping Policy

The following information sets out the terms and conditions that constitute our shipping policy.

Refund Policy

Outlined in this document are our refund policy pertaining to specifically to purchases of physical goods.

Acceptable Use Policy

Guidelines for acceptable use of various forms of electronic communications by our employees.

Anti-Bullying Policy

Rubix Studios Pty. Ltd. is committed to providing a workplace free of all forms of harassment and bullying.

Anti-discrimination Policy

Rubix Studios Pty. Ltd. is committed to providing a workplace free of all forms of discrimination.

Compassionate Leave Policy

Compassionate leave is provided to employees in accordance with the National Employment Standards.

Confidentiality Policy

Agreement to not disclose or make public any Confidential Information without approval.

Cybersecurity policy

This cybersecurity policy provides the basis of cybersecurity management within Rubix Studios Pty. Ltd.

Diversity Policy

Our diversity policy outlines our commitment to providing an inclusive workplace.

Domestic Violence Policy

Rubix Studios provides employees who are a victim of violence paid leave to ensure safety and wellbeing.

Employee Code of Conduct

Committed to offering its employees an innovative and rewarding work environment.

Environmental Policy

Our commitment to supporting the principles of environmental and sustainable environment.

ESG Policy

Our environmental, social and governance (ESG) policy, defines our impact on the world.

Modern Slavery Policy

Our commitment to limit risks of modern slavery practices in our business and supply chain.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Rubix Studios Pty. Ltd.'s Confidential Information or partners' Confidential Information.

Unpaid Leave Policy

Rubix Studios Pty. Ltd.'s unpaid leave policy and request for period of absences.

Work Health and Safety

Rubix Studios Pty. Ltd. recognise that the health and safety of all workers and third parties.

Affiliate Disclosure

Compensation for product/service recommendations, adhering to ACCC guidelines.

Website Disclaimer

Website use disclaimer, including accuracy, reliability, completeness and/or suitability.

Ensuring ethical practices and social responsibility

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