Web Host Migration

There are many reasons why business owners chose to migrate away from their web site hosting companies; these may include service, pricing and server speeds.

Changing your website hosting location is like moving houses. Traffic within the area may become congested and slow and belongings or data may become lost during the move and mail are lost.

At Rubix Studios, we aim to reduce the issues around web host migration and complications involved.

When migrating web hosts, we recommend contacting our team to discuss your options; this may include evaluating your current host to available providers as well as access levels to the existing website, determining its overall ability to be moved.

Web Hosting and Host Migration

What is required

In most cases, for a web host migration to occur, we need access to your hosting and domain generally referred to as cPanel or Plesk.

In some cases where server access is restricted, we’ll attempt to obtain all databases through the available platform; this generally occurs in cases where the original developer has limited access to their servers, in these cases, we’ll require full access to the website administration panels and/or file transfer protocol (FTP).

Please contact us to see available options where back-end server access is not available.