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Rubix Studios Multimedia Powerhouse

Rubix Studios commenced its journey in 2001 as a start-up web design, development and hosting company. 

Based in Melbourne, Australia, our team operates 100% in-house. In 2009, we became early adopters and innovators in digital photography and videography, leveraging the latest techniques to provide our clients and prospective customers with the best resources and innovation the industry has to offer. 

Today, we are digital storytellers, offering a complete multimedia toolkit to create, engage and grow businesses. We craft captivating stories, use technology to solve problems and utilise insights to drive business success.

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Rubix Studios Mission Statement - About Us

Mission and commitment to your success

Our mission at Rubix Studios is to provide comprehensive multimedia solutions, tailored marketing, unique branding and highly converting web design and development.

We are committed to serving our clients by putting them first, delivering exceptional service and achieving the best outcomes possible. We believe in fostering two-way partnerships with our stakeholders, recognising that our clients are our most important stakeholders. 

By being unconventional, innovative and memorable, we go above and beyond the expected, leveraging our unique skills and creativity to innovate for our clients. We value client input, recognise that they are experts in their respective fields and incorporate their ideas and feedback into our work.

Finding the right fit with Rubix Studios

At Rubix Studios, we continuously strive to improve our processes and working environment. 

We take the initiative to streamline our operations, even when it falls outside our job descriptions. This involves paying attention to our processes, regularly reviewing procedures and guidelines and finding ways to enhance how we work. 

Our commitment to operational competitiveness drives us to create new products and strategies that outperform the competition. By pursuing forward-thinking solutions daily, we add value to our offerings.

With an eye on the future, we aim to provide unique products and services that are built with forward compatibility in mind.

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Rubix Studios Collaboration - About Us

Collaborative partnerships that lead to success​

The relationships we have with our clients at Rubix Studios are of utmost importance to us. 

We believe in fostering strong client partnerships by putting our clients first, providing exceptional service and achieving the best outcomes. We recognise that our clients are experts in their respective fields and value their ideas and feedback. By seeking client input and taking their insights seriously, we ensure that we provide the best possible service. 

We view our clients as the lifeblood of our business and strive to serve them well. By being unconventional, innovative and memorable, we go above and beyond the expected, resulting in new heights of success and growth for our clients.

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