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Whether you’re a novice or an expert, constructing a budget for Google Ads presents a formidable task. Crafting a meticulously thought-out budget and projecting the anticipated return on investment (ROI) are pivotal components of formulating a triumphant Google Ads campaign.

Employ our complimentary Advertising ROI Calculator below to assess the necessary allocation for achieving your desired key performance indicator (KPI) objectives.

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Advertising calculator

Enhance your business’ marketing potential through well-informed and strategic choices to boost and propel your sales capabilities.

Projected Monthly Budget ($)
What is your monthly expenditure on digital advertising? In case you're not currently investing in ads, you can experiment with a figure – around 10% of your overall marketing budget is a recommended initial allocation. After inputting all other metrics, revisit the budget to analyse its impact on your profits.
Expected CPC ($)
What's your preferred click cost? B2B marketers typically encounter cost-per-click figures between $1 and $7 or higher, contingent on the ad network and target audience. To gauge an estimate for your CPC in search ads, you can utilise the Google Keyword Planner or refer to our Determining Your Daily Google Ads Budget article.
Target Conversion Rate (%)
What's the frequency at which a visitor becomes a lead on your site? On average for B2B marketers, it hovers around 2.6%.
Average Sale Price ($)
What's the typical value of an individual customer? This figure can fluctuate or grow over time for numerous businesses. Experiment with various scenarios, such as the value of a new customer compared to the lifetime value of a customer.
Lead to Customer Rate (%)
What portion of your leads convert into customers? This metric is vital to track. Engage with the sales team to ensure the leads you provide are of high quality. Enhancing the lead-to-customer conversion rate can significantly boost the ROI of your advertisements.


Number of Clicks
Number of Leads
Cost Per Lead
Value of a Lead
Expected Revenue
Expected Profit
Return on Ad Spend (%)

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