Security & Maintenance

A secured and safe user experience

Building your first business website can be tedious; many businesses often forget to oversee its continuous maintenance and security once completed.

Websites left unattended become outdated, leading to exposure to intruders and security breaches, which in turn become a costly process of patching and repairing.

Website Security - Security &Amp; Maintenance
Website Update And Security - Security &Amp; Maintenance

Protect your website & increase consumer trust

Premium plugins are one of the primary reasons why website maintenance is often neglected. These subscription-based products, usually obtained and licensed by the developers, make it harder for businesses to self-update and maintain.

Rubix Studios aims to solve these problems with our maintenance and security packages. Through our daily maintenance and optimisation schedule, we’ll update your premium plugins and themes and provide ongoing security optimisation, backups and instant hack repairs to your site.

Set and forget let us protect you and your customers

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