Security & Maintenance

Having your first business website built can be a tedious task, and often, many businesses forget to oversee its continuous maintenance and security once completed.

Websites which are left unattended become outdated, leading to exposure to intruders and security breaches, which in turns, becomes a costly process of patch and repair.

When a website gets built by a developer, many things can impact the future of your website and the costs involved. 

One of the principal causes which lead to poor website maintenance are premium plugins; premium plugins are subscription-based services, usually obtained and licensed to the developers making it harder for businesses to self update and maintain.

Rubix Studios aims to provide a solution to these problems with our maintenance and security packages. 

We’ll deliver the updates to your premium plugins as well as on-going security optimisation and backups of your site through our weekly maintenance and optimisation schedule.

What is required

For us to properly maintain your web site, there are a few required and recommended details that we will need from you. The essential information includes your site’s login details and if possible, your hosting details.

If your hosting details are not available any FTP or file management details which are available are also helpful as these will allow us to access and change core coding as well as fix any problems which may result from your website updates.