Payment Gateway

Ensuring a smooth and efficient transaction

Choosing the right payment system goes beyond simply accepting credit cards. It can significantly impact your workflow, customer experience and ultimately, your bottom line.

Payment gateways come in various forms, catering to different business models – point-of-sale (POS) systems, online e-commerce platforms, invoice payments, on-site payments and EFTPOS terminals.

Why does it matter which payment provider or terminal you use? Not all systems are built the same; how they integrate at different touchpoints can hinder your sales and revenue.

Rubix Studios Payment Gateway Pos - Payment Gateway
Rubix Studios Payment Transactions Gateway - Payment Gateway

Choosing the right POS and payment gateway

Payment gateways and POS systems play an important role in managing the flow of income and expenses. Payment gateway fees can cost as low as 0% to as high as 30% depending on the service provider you partner with.

The system that your business aligns with can provide features such as rewards, cash back, accounting sync, marketing, buy now pay later as well as Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Here at Rubix Studios, we offer options from several leading providers, including Stripe, GoCardless, Pay, Tyro Payments, PayPal and Square.

We help businesses manage integrations, hardware purchasing, payment flows and fee negotiations.

Helping your business send and receive payments

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