Employee Code of Conduct

Rubix Studios Pty. Ltd. is committed to offering its employees an innovative and rewarding work environment that encourages and fosters excellence.

These employee conduct guidelines help to guide employees on how to act and clarify how Rubix Studios Pty. Ltd. expects employees to perform.

Work ethic

Employees are expected to perform their duties to the maximum of their ability and deliver acceptable objectives to Rubix Studios Pty. Ltd..


Employees are expected to follow health and safety guidelines and procedures and to be aware of and report any potential hazards.


It is prohibited to unauthorisedly disclose Rubix Studios Pty. Ltd. information regarding either Rubix Studios Pty. Ltd. or its employees.

Personal conduct

Employees are expected to act courteously and respectfully at all times when dealing with fellow employees, suppliers, contractors, customers and the general public.

Fair business

Employees are expected to behave honestly and openly and with integrity in their dealings with Rubix Studios Pty. Ltd. Employees must not mislead or defraud fellow employees, customers, suppliers, contractors or Rubix Studios Pty. Ltd. in general.

Working environment

All employees have a legal obligation not to discriminate against or harass any other employee, agent, contract worker, supplier or visitor.

Employees are not permitted to smoke on Rubix Studios Pty. Ltd. premises, except in designated smoking areas.

Gifts, conflict of interest and ethical conduct

Other than in the course of routine business, employees must not accept cash, gifts or gratuities from a supplier, agent, customer or contractor for any reason. Employees must not put themselves in a position where their interests conflict with those of Rubix Studios Pty. Ltd.

Obligation to disclose relevant information

Employees are obliged to inform Rubix Studios Pty. Ltd. of any change in their circumstances that may affect their ability to perform their normal duties.

Use of company assets

Employees must not deliberately misuse or damage Rubix Studios Pty. Ltd.’s property in their possession, care or custody.

Employees must not use Rubix Studios Pty. Ltd.’s assets, intellectual property or the services of other employees (including contractors) for private use or gain.


Rubix Studios Pty. Ltd. expects employees to remain open-minded about change in the workplace and to collaboratively support and embrace new ideas and programs.


Employees are responsible for maintaining and protecting the environment.

Employees are expected to consider the impact of their actions on the environment and local community, including in relation to the disposal of waste, use and storage of chemicals, and use of natural resources.

Employee assistance program

Rubix Studios Pty. Ltd. offers confidential access to counselling for staff and immediate family members.

The employee assistance program provides counselling and assistance to help resolve or deal with personal problems and issues that may be affecting their work or home life.

Further information

If you require further information, please speak with your manager or Management.

This policy is effective from 3rd April 2024.

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