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You First Finance is a Melbourne-based lending specialist and brokerage firm that prioritises clients’ needs. Founded in 2024, You First Finance offers tailored, flexible lending solutions for various financial requirements.
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Lending Specialist and Brokerage

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You First Finance Melbourne

Founded in 2024, You First Finance is a dedicated Melbourne loan brokerage firm committed to helping you secure the best possible financing for your needs. We understand that navigating the lending marketplace can be complex, and that’s why we prioritise understanding your unique financial situation and goals.

Our team of award-winning loan brokers are experts in matching you with the right loan products from a diverse network of lenders. We go beyond just interest rates to find loan options that fit your specific needs, whether you’re looking for a home loan, investment property financing or debt consolidation. You First Finance streamlines the entire loan application process, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.

Hai Nguyen, our Managing Director, brings a wealth of experience to the table. Since 2017, he has facilitated over $200 million in successful loan transactions. His passion for real estate fuels his commitment to securing the best loan options for your property goals. Hai’s dedication extends beyond the professional realm; he’s a devoted family man and a strong advocate for his clients’ success.

At You First Finance, we believe in building trust and transparency with our clients. Our team is committed to providing exceptional service and ensuring you have all the information you need to make informed decisions about your loan options.

Scope and Overview

Hai Nguyen, the Managing Director of You First Finance, brings a wealth of experience and a passion for innovation. Previously a successful loan broker at Inovayt, Hai leveraged his industry knowledge to establish You First Finance in 2024. Recognised as a leader in his field, Hai is driven by a strong desire to secure the best value for his clients.

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Partnered for Growth

Hai partnered with Rubix Studios, a Melbourne-based creative agency, to translate his vision into a reality. With over 20 years of combined experience, Rubix Studios, known for its entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen, provided comprehensive support for You First Finance’s launch. Our services included:

  • Branding and Logo Design: We crafted a unique visual identity that embodies the core values of You First Finance, setting it apart from the competition.
  • Content Creation: Developing clear and informative content to connect with target audiences.
  • Domain Acquisition and Website Development: Establishing a user-friendly online presence for You First Finance.
  • Marketing Strategy: Developing a roadmap for attracting new clients through SEO and PPC campaigns.
  • Technology Solutions: Setting up essential business tools like Office 365 for streamlined communication and web hosting for a reliable online presence.

Through a synergistic partnership, Rubix Studios is dedicated to positioning You First Finance for unparalleled success in the competitive Melbourne loan brokerage market. This collaboration promises to enhance service offerings, expand client base and solidify positions as a leader in the industry.



Initial You First Finance Logo Concept - You First Finance

The initial logo concepts for You First Finance, developed by a freelancer on Fiverr, needed more consistent font usage and overall design style. Two variations were presented, both of which suffered from excessive complexity and a high level of detail.

Modern Logo Design Principles

Modern logo design philosophy emphasises simplicity for optimal brand recognition and memorability. A successful logo should be responsive and scalable, maintaining its effectiveness across diverse applications, from small icons to large banners. Complex designs often lose definition when scaled down, while intricate graphic elements can compromise legibility.

Colour Adaptability and Usability

A well-designed logo should utilise adaptable colour palettes that function effectively on various backgrounds. This is crucial for partnered website promotions and marketing materials, including diverse banners and graphic elements. Unfortunately, the initial Fiverr logo designs lacked this colour versatility and needed to be optimised for vertical layouts or use in small-format squares.

Our Approach

Website Design and Branding

Rubix Studios embraced a collaborative approach to You First Finance’s design and content creation. This involved an initial phase of competitive analysis, where we examined loan broker websites in key Australian markets like Melbourne and Sydney. This research aimed to identify established design elements and gather inspiration to inform unique design solutions tailored to You First Finance’s brand identity.

Leveraging our design expertise, Rubix Studios sought to elevate the standard aesthetic of broker websites. We incorporated modern design elements while ensuring they remained distinct and aligned with Rubix Studios’ established design language.

Brand Colours

Informed by the initial logo concepts, Rubix Studios proposed a range of four color variations for integration into You First Finance’s brand identity.


The marketing strategy initially proposed a two-pronged approach, combining Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) with Google Ads. SEO was prioritised as the first step, followed by the implementation of Google Ads.

  • Increasing organic website traffic: Improved SEO ranking will attract potential clients already searching for loan and mortgage brokers.
  • Targeting qualified leads: Google Ads allows for precise targeting based on demographics, location and search intent, ensuring advertising reaches users actively looking for financial products and brokerage services.

Social media platforms were pre-registered to secure consistent handles across all channels, ensuring brand consistency in future marketing efforts.


Logo Design

You First Finance Design Final - You First Finance

Rubix Studios crafted the You First Finance logo focusing on simplicity, readability, memorability and versatility. The design takes a minimalist approach, utilising clean lines and stylised lettering for a modern aesthetic. Bold letters ensure readability at various sizes, while complementary fonts enhance the overall look. Consistent spacing, lines and directions contribute to a balanced and professional logo. A refreshing and professional colour palette reflects You First Finance’s brand identity. The emblem incorporates a stylised “Y” and “F” within the icon, creating a unique and memorable visual element. Furthermore, the design is adaptable to horizontal and vertical layouts, and the icon, when isolated, effectively represents You First Finance.

Website Design

You First Finance Website Mockup Final - You First Finance

Rubix Studios had developed You First Finance’s website with extreme care and consideration, going above and beyond the initial scope to create a website that was scalable, unique and a definate contender above its competition.

The website had utilised WordPress’ open-source framework with our standard set of premium plugins including Elementor, RankMath, Crocoblock and WP Rocket. This combination ensures every website element is customisable and dynamic while remaining simple as the base content management system (CMS).


You First Finance, a recent market entrant, understands the importance of continuous optimisation and targeted marketing to fuel its burgeoning success. Our initial marketing plans were designed with flexibility in mind, adapting to staffing levels and client workload. This adaptability ensured efficient resource allocation and maintained a high level of service, allowing us to capitalise on launch momentum and attract a steady stream of leads without encountering operational overload.

You First Finance remains committed to growth. With a plan to further enhance client offerings by integrating financial tools that empower clients and improve financial well-being. Rubix Studios plans to integrate improved workflow management processes to provide a personalised and efficient experience for every client at You First Finance.


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