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Vital IV Therapy

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Located in Ascot Vale, Melbourne, Vital IV Therapy is a growing IV therapy wellness clinic that seeks to embrace a holistic approach to health improvement through the direct delivery of essential vitamins intravenously.
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About Vital IV Therapy Ascot Vale

Vital IV Therapy stands as a haven for those dedicated to achieving customised wellness. The unwavering commitment of Vital IV Therapy to your health and vitality is unmistakable, demonstrated through their meticulous approach to enhancing the well-being of individuals via intricately crafted personalised care plans. Bolstered by a team of devoted medical professionals, they embark on a mission to enrich lives by administering crucial hydration, vitamins and minerals directly into client’s bloodstream. This encapsulates the essence of Vital IV Therapy.

Beyond mere revitalisation, Vital IV Therapy endeavours to tailor your wellness journey to align seamlessly with your distinct goals. Presenting therapeutic solutions meticulously designed for optimal absorption, circumventing the digestive system and ensuring the direct delivery of essential nutrients into your bloodstream.

Scope and Overview

Vital IV Therapy first engaged Rubix Studios online seeking to make minor changes and marketing improvements to an existing website before launch. Upon inspection, the website held little in terms of uniqueness and was lacking in both user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). Two of the main factors that led us to propose a redesign and redevelopment of the website.

On inspection, the website had been created from a premium WordPress theme. The site was misaligned in terms of text locations and image locations and had presented with mismatched font and sizing. In terms of performance, the site had not been optimised. On further inspection, it was noted that hosting and domain had also been overcharged by the previous web developer to a ratio of 4:1.

Our aim was to completely transform the brand of Vital IV Therapy by redesigning its branding, marketing strategies, design elements and workflows. Rubix Studios provided Vital IV Therapy with their expertise and knowledge to create a complete workflow that could accommodate cost considerations, ensuring profitable growth. Our objective was to assist Vital IV Therapy in achieving successful growth while minimising expenses and enabling future expansion.

Our Approach

Website Design and Branding

In our initial strategy, we opted to eliminate all plugins utilised by the original developer of Vital IV Therapy. Our approach was simple: we aimed to leverage the finest WordPress plugins available, integrating Elementor for seamless self-management, Crocoblock for diverse functionality, RankMath for Search Engine Optimisation control and WP Rocket for enhanced performance optimisation. These elements comprised the foundational structure of the website.

We meticulously reconstructed the website design from the ground up, retaining the “liked” aspects of the existing design while introducing tweaks and enhancements to elevate the overall user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). A thoughtfully chosen font, prioritising readability over excessive styling, was employed. Our objective was to maintain a design ethos that is simple, clean and modern, while simultaneously ensuring the ability to monitor and deliver a consistent customer journey.

The website has undergone significant transformations in its relatively brief existence. Initially, it featured an online catalogue along with a wealth of information. To this day, the website remains in a state of continual evolution, with ongoing updates and adjustments aimed at ensuring alignment with the standards set by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

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CRM and Appointments

On initial engagement, Vital IV Therapy had initially planned to utilise MindBody, a popular yet dated appointments management tool for gyms and studios. While MindBody offered various tools for marketing, booking and customer database, it fell short in certain areas such as integration customisation and workflow. Customers encountered numerous difficulties, including the challenge of creating appointments through a cumbersome registration, communication and scheduling interface.

To make MindBody effective, multiple systems were needed to be purchased and implemented, leading to the already elevated cost. However, despite the initial recommendation being Acuity, Vital IV Therapy currently utilises Square Appointments. This switch allows for a significant reduction in costs as well as a customer-facing point-of-sale (POS) solution.

Marketing efforts are executed through MailChimp using Platform as a Service (PaaS) API services, while contact and engagement are managed via HubSpot CRM. All systems are interconnected and synchronised to ensure data integrity and consistency across platforms.

This strategic shift equips Vital IV Therapy with the flexibility to adapt and connect to a diverse range of solutions while maintaining optimal cost efficiency.

Marketing and Conversions

With no initial marketing strategy in place, Rubix Studios operates per the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) to develop and optimise marketing practices, ensuring compliance with proper marketing strategies. Given that health practices, especially speculative ones, are closely regulated, any unapproved practices undergo stringent scrutiny.

Rubix Studios has chosen to utilise Google Ads and search engine optimisation to maintain effective control over advertising assets and materials, ensuring compliance. This is further enhanced through Mailchimp’s journeys and HubSpot automation.

Analytics and conversion data are gathered through Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, HubSpot API and Google Ads.


Website Design

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The partnership between Rubix Studios and Vital IV Therapy has proven both thrilling and challenging, particularly due to roadblocks stemming from API restrictions in SaaS solutions. Opting for SaaS software over a custom-built platform was a strategic decision, ensuring that components could be updated, managed and secured independently, ultimately reducing development costs and timeframes.

The primary challenge revolved around tailoring the integration to enable seamless synchronisation and optimal performance for each independent platform. A noteworthy aspect was aligning with TGA standards, a crucial step to ensure effective marketing without compromising the business’s regulatory compliance and risk profile.


As Vital IV Therapy undergoes expansion, a robust roadmap is in place, focusing on enhancing customer flow, retention and service through the implementation of AirCall and MessageMedia. In tandem, Rubix Studios has meticulously crafted a comprehensive strategy encompassing search engine marketing and the optimisation of Google Ads budget.

Given the stringent compliance requirements associated with IV Therapy treatments, there is a constant demand for adaptability and flexibility to ensure Vital IV Therapy remains in strict adherence to guidelines. This approach reflects the commitment to maintaining compliance while actively adapting to the evolving landscape of IV Therapy.


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