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JJs Carpet and Tile Cleaning

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JJs Carpet And Tile Cleaning is the preferred choice for carpet and tile cleaning in Melbourne, Seymour and Geelong. We are committed to providing exceptional services, including carpet, tile, rug, grout, flood and mould cleaning, all while ensuring unbeatable customer satisfaction.
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JJs Carpet and Tile Cleaning

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Jjs Carpet And Tile Cleaning Geelong Seymour - Jjs Carpet &Amp; Tile Cleaning

About JJs Carpet And Tile Cleaning Geelong

JJs Carpet And Tile Cleaning is a trusted provider of high-quality carpet and tile cleaning services in Melbourne, Seymour and Geelong. Committed to delivering excellence, we prioritise doing the job right the first time, with no compromises on quality.

JJs Carpet And Tile Cleaning’s dedicated team offers a wide range of cleaning services, including commercial, end-of-lease, vacate and residential cleaning, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. With a reputation for exceptional service and a focus on detail, JJs Carpet And Tile Cleaning handles everything from carpet steam cleaning to tile and grout scrubbing and rug stain removal, making your spaces cleaner, healthier and more inviting.

Scope and Overview

When JJs Carpet And Tile Cleaning first approached Rubix Studios, they had a specific goal in mind: running Google Ads. However, upon an initial inspection of their website, we noticed that it was in dire need of a complete revamp in terms of content, search engine optimisation and conversion optimisation. Despite their efforts to generate traffic, the original website had yielded minimal results and had struggled to rank organically.

As experienced professionals, we understood the importance of conducting a comprehensive overhaul of JJs Carpet And Tile Cleaning’s website before launching any paid advertising campaigns. Our primary objective was to ensure the highest Ad Quality Score while maintaining a minimal Cost Per Click. We also wanted to ensure a smooth customer flow and engagement with a simple yet effective UX/UI design.

Our Approach

Website Design and Branding

Upon initial assessment, it is evident that the website in question was created was underdeveloped, lacking focus on crucial aspects such as design and user experience. The website was constructed using WordPress, utilising a dated branding colour guide and website design that fails to visually captivate its target audience. This is further exacerbated by the limited number of pages, totalling only four. The site was not equipped with any effective search engine optimisation (SEO) and optimisation plan, which is crucial for attracting and converting traffic to and on the website.

JJs Carpet And Tile Cleaning’s new website has been constructed with a modern UI/UX design that incorporates multiple calls to action throughout the site, including call tracking and form submission tracking. The website’s content has been streamlined and enhanced for visual appeal, making it easier for customers to quickly find what they need, all to convert visitors into qualified leads.

Historical Branding Colours

Original Colour Pallet - Jjs Carpet &Amp; Tile Cleaning

Updated Branding Colours

Updated Branding Colour Pallet - Jjs Carpet &Amp; Tile Cleaning

The colour scheme chosen was based on JJs Carpet And Tile Cleaning’s logo.

To modernise the branding, Rubix Studios opted to utilise a similar colour guide to the logo. A variation of aquatic and blue colours with a direct association with water and eco-friendliness. The selected colour represents balance and stability, as well as peace, growth and energy.

Historical Search Traffic

Jjs Seo Traffic Historical - Jjs Carpet &Amp; Tile Cleaning

Recent Search Traffic

Jjs Seo Traffic Updated - Jjs Carpet &Amp; Tile Cleaning

A comparison of search engine optimisation (SEO) growth between August 2022 and July 2023 reveals a linear increase in search traffic, demonstrating consistent growth in both keyword count and search traffic volumes. Impressions have risen from an average of 10 to 1000, while the number of keywords has expanded from 250 to over 3000. This data reflects the website and business’s organic growth. A comparison of impressions over 3 months of the initial website to the newly created website and search engine optimisation shows an increase from 3.85k impressions to 75.7k representing a 1900% increase in business visibility.

This achievement was made possible through strategies such as content creation, regular blog and article posting and the creation of individual service pages. These tactics allow for the precise targeting and personalisation of services to meet the specific needs of consumers.

Additionally, the implementation of local SEO tactics was employed to further enhance the business’s visibility within targeted geographic areas, resulting in higher local search engine results page (SERP) rankings.

Marketing and Conversions

During the initial marketing phase, Rubix Studios had planned to utilise Google Ads and search engine optimisation (SEO) to promote and attract traffic to JJs Carpet and Tile Cleaning. This strategy was aligned with the client’s budget constraints and the capacity of JJs Carpet and Tile Cleaning to manage the workload.

Rubix Studios employed multiple campaigns, with search ads as the primary focus.

As the business expanded, we implemented additional campaigns to target new focus locations such as Seymour, Wallan and surrounding suburbs. Additionally, the introduction of promotions, including pop-ups and special deals was added to generate a sense of urgency, resulting in heightened viewer engagement and increased conversions.

Jjs Carpet And Tile Cleaning Cameron Work Van - Jjs Carpet &Amp; Tile Cleaning


Website Design

Jjs Carpet And Tile Cleaning Website Design - Jjs Carpet &Amp; Tile Cleaning

Throughout the year, JJs Carpet And Tile Cleaning achieved significant successes, including the recruitment and training of new staff, the acquisition of additional work vehicles and the expansion of the business into new target areas. With its substantial increase in traffic and leads, JJs has evolved from a one-person operation into a thriving team of professionals specialising in carpet, tile, grout, flood and mould cleaning and restoration services, extending its presence from Geelong to encompass Melbourne and Seymour.

JJs’ reputation has skyrocketed, establishing them as one of the most sought-after providers of commercial and residential carpet and tile cleaning services in Geelong, Melbourne and Seymour.


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