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Are you an aspiring entrepreneur with a passion but lacking the digital presence to showcase it? Do you know someone with a brilliant business idea but limited resources to establish an online footprint? 

Look no further! #RubixForward is here to pay it forward and transform dreams into digital reality.

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What is #RubixForward?

#RubixForward is a heartwarming initiative dedicated to building a more robust online community by offering free website development services. We understand the financial constraints that can hinder the growth of budding businesses or passionate individuals. 

Our mission is to bridge the gap and empower visionaries to thrive in the digital world.

How does #RubixForward work?

1. Apply for a Free Website:

If you have a business, project, or personal endeavour that could benefit from an online presence, submit your application. Tell us your story and vision, and let us know how a website could make a difference for you.

2. Refer Someone in Need:

Do you know of a friend, family member or colleague with a fantastic idea but struggling financially to establish an online presence? Be their hero! Refer them to the #RubixForward Campaign by submitting their details, and we’ll consider them for a free website.

3. Selection Process:

Our team carefully reviews applications and referrals to identify those with the most compelling stories and potential impact. We believe in the power of every idea and aim to support those that align with our mission of fostering positive change. 

Our selection will be given to one applicant monthly and announced on social media.

4. Website Development:

Once selected, our talented team of web developers will work closely with the chosen applicants to bring their digital vision to life. We’ll craft a bespoke website tailored to their needs, ensuring a solid and professional online presence. 

Rubix Host will provide the website hosting and domain free for one year. Once the website has been built, the applicant will have access to free monthly maintenance for the entire year. After the year has passed, there will be no restriction as to what the applicant does with their new website; they are free to move and change hosting as they please.

Applicants will have complete ownership and access to domain names, hosting, email hosting and all website content.

Join us in spreading #RubixForward

  • Consider donating to help us expand and assist more individuals and businesses.
    • For information on how to donate, please get in touch with us.

Join the #RubixForward Campaign and join the movement that believes in the potential of every dream, regardless of financial barriers.

Together, we can build a stronger, more connected online community.

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