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The mission of Optimum Care Group is to empower individuals living with disabilities by offering tailored services that enable them to lead fulfilling, independent lives. With a compassionate approach and a commitment to excellence, the organisation strives to make a positive impact on the lives of those living with disabilities.
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NDIS coordination and support

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About Optimum Care Group Cranbourne

Optimum Care Group is a Melbourne-based NDIS support coordinator and NDIS care provider strongly committed to empowering individuals with disabilities. As a locally owned and operated organisation, they have served the Melbourne and greater Victoria region since 2018. Optimum Care Group’s mission centres on preventing unnecessary institutionalisation by offering a comprehensive range of supports and services that enable individuals to actively engage within their communities.

A core value driving Optimum Care Group is a deep belief in the inherent strengths and abilities of its clients. They place a strong emphasis on an individual’s potential rather than focusing on limitations. This client-centered philosophy guides their work as they collaborate with clients to chart personalised pathways toward independence, well-being and a healthy lifestyle.

Optimum Care Group simplifies the often-complex process of navigating the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) as a certified NDIS Registered Provider. They excel in providing a broad suite of services designed to maximise support for their clients.

Scope and Overview

Rubix Studios has enjoyed a long-standing partnership with Optimum Care Group (OCG), a leading NDIS support coordinator and service provider. Our collaboration predates OCG’s inception, originating through our work with the highly regarded Optimum Care Foot and Ankle Clinic in Cranbourne, Melbourne.

Collaborative Foundations

Optimum Care Group’s founder, Sulaiman, is a respected podiatrist whose humble beginnings in Richmond, Melbourne, have flourished into two successful enterprises. Rubix Studios has been instrumental in supporting this growth from the outset, providing comprehensive design, marketing and technology solutions for both Optimum Care Group and Optimum Care Foot and Ankle Clinic.

Core Services

  • Branding and Web Presence: Rubix Studios meticulously crafted Optimum Care Group’s website, brochures, photography and business cards, ensuring a visually appealing and informative representation of their services. We established and continue to manage OCG’s domain, hosting and email infrastructure for seamless online operations.
  • Strategic IT Management: Recognising the importance of streamlined technology within the healthcare sector, we devised and implemented IT workflows for Optimum Care Group. Our ongoing management ensures optimal technological efficiency, freeing OCG to focus on its core mission of client care. We understand the compliance requirements related to health, medicine and NDIS taking into consideration our founder’s background in Medical Radiation.
  • Social Media Management: Rubix Studios established Optimum Care Group’s social media presence, crafting engaging content and posts designed to raise awareness of their vital NDIS support services and their commitment to client well-being.
  • Operations Planning: We understand the importance of streamlined operations, especially within the NDIS sector. Our expertise in workflow optimisation, combined with a deep understanding of industry-specific tools and technologies, allows us to develop customised solutions for clients like Optimum Care Group. This ensures efficiency, compliance and ultimately, enhanced client experiences.
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A Partnership Built on Trust

Our extensive history with Sulaiman and his businesses underscores the trust placed in Rubix Studios. We take pride in our role in facilitating the growth of Optimum Care Group. Our deep understanding of their mission and values has enabled us to deliver tailored solutions that effectively communicate their dedication to empowering individuals within the NDIS framework.

Beyond the Technical

While this overview emphasises our technical contributions, it’s important to acknowledge the strategic guidance and creative vision we bring to the table. Rubix Studios functions as an extension of Optimum Care Group’s team, ensuring their brand messaging and online presence consistently reflect their unwavering commitment to providing exceptional support coordination services.

Our Approach

Website Design and Branding

Optimum Care Group’s website reflects the dynamic growth of the NDIS itself. Launched in 2018, the website was built on WordPress to meet the needs of a new business in a nascent field. Back then, costs, resources, and access to information were significant constraints.

The NDIS landscape was rapidly evolving. The scheme was still in its early stages in 2013, with a rollout commencing in 2016 and culminating in a national rollout by 2019. Strict guidelines were still under development during this period of constant change, making it challenging to establish fixed methods and methodologies.

Optimum Care Group prioritised a website that could adapt and grow alongside the NDIS. The WordPress platform allowed for ongoing adjustments as regulations solidified and best practices emerged. This ensured the website remained a valuable resource for clients and staff in a rapidly evolving landscape.

In our initial strategy, the business required little in terms of marketing to establish a presence in a newly created space. We had opted for Cornerstone as the website builder with Yoast SEO amongst various tools to create and optimise the initial build.

Optimum Care Group Historical - Optimum Care Group

In 2023, Optimum Care Group has evolved into a prominent NDIS coordination and disability support service provider, establishing itself as a household brand. Over the years, the company’s website underwent progressive changes, culminating in a planned rebuild and rebranding initiative in 2023. To facilitate a seamless transition, Rubix Studios opted to revamp the original WordPress website, undertaking a complete overhaul of its design.

The revamped website aimed to align with contemporary trends, incorporating the brand’s colors and assets. Our approach to reconstruction was straightforward: removing all previous plugins and meticulously recreating each page to reflect the brand’s identity and guidelines. Given the increased competition, implementing a robust marketing strategy became imperative.

The website was to be rebuilt using Elementor for webpage management, Crocoblock for enhanced functionality, RankMath for Search Engine Optimisation and WP Rocket for performance optimisation. These elements comprised the foundational structure of the website.

Accessibility was a key consideration in the redesign, ensuring alignment with ARIA guidelines and prioritising user needs. The colour palette was derived from the existing logo, featuring shades of purple and light green consistent with the NDIS program.

Our designers were to leverage their technical expertise to craft a user-friendly design, reflected in the logo. A carefully chosen font, emphasising readability over excessive styling. Our objective was to maintain a design ethos that is simple, clean and modern, while also ensuring consistent customer journey monitoring and delivery.

CRM and Appointments

Optimum Care Group currently employs self-hosted email services to uphold controlled privacy and comply with healthcare regulations. Data storage is encrypted using Tresorit’s zero-knowledge encryption, with Brevity serving as the CRM platform.

As Optimum Care Group’s needs expand, Rubix Studios is poised to facilitate data management and transition. Emails are scheduled for migration to Office 365, overseen by Rubix Studios acting as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) to ensure controlled compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Migration of data from Tresorit is planned to reduce overheads, employing OneDrive or Dropbox as an alternative solution. This strategy aims to reduce costs while upholding compliance through appropriate cybersecurity measures.

To streamline customer interactions, HubSpot is implemented to record and access conversations at each touchpoint with new customers. API integrations between platforms are leveraged to minimise administrative burdens.

Marketing and Conversions

Optimum Care Group is expanding its reach beyond SEO to connect with potential patients. Rubix Studios has developed a multi-channel marketing strategy that includes social media posts and targeted Google Ads. This approach keeps Optimum Care Group relevant in the online space and builds brand awareness, ensuring potential patients easily discover the practice and its services.


Website Design

Optimum Care Group Website Showcase - Optimum Care Group

Rubix Studios has enjoyed a long-standing partnership with Optimum Care Group, dating back to its initial launch in Richmond, Victoria. This enduring collaboration is built on mutual trust and a shared commitment to continuous improvement. As Rubix Studios’ expertise has grown, so too has its ability to deliver strategic solutions that elevate Optimum Care’s business. This collaborative spirit extends to all of Rubix Studios’ client relationships.

Focus on Value and Innovation

Rubix Studios is dedicated to empowering businesses like Optimum Care by optimising costs and implementing innovative technologies. This approach ensures clients not only achieve operational efficiency but also cultivate a stronger brand presence.

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