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The TechStyler NoteBook

Beni Doolan Founder of Five Point Four and The TechStyler have used our material for publication and has completely avoided the issue of payment.

Video #1 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aX9hvVJLMhE
Video #2 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EELROyUNHAk

Above are both the videos given to The TechStyler without youtube compression in its highest available format.

The videos have been recorded as screenshots of publication on The TechStylers Facebook and Instagram as well as this statement will be used in VCAT for slander and lack of communication throughout indicative of a non-payment.

A cease and desist letter will be issued to The TechStyler for slander towards Rubix Studios.

Screenshots have been taken of chat logs, messages and emails prior to a debt recovery attempt as there have been two jobs with both jobs being used for publication.

An issue of copyright infringement is now taking place for the use of material where no legal right has been signed or paid for.

We’ve attempted to communicate with The TechStyler for months with the owner Beni Doolan completely avoiding the issue.

As an attempt to avoid payment The TechStyler has attempted to create slander towards our works and work ethics this report will be made and forwarded to VCAT and the appropriate institutions.

The TechStyler Father's Day

In attempts to contact Beni Doolan, we’ve tried calling, emailing and online messages all ending with no response. In a statement. Beni Doolan has indicated that a video was deemed “useless” however both material have been used and published as part of The TechStyler‘s Marketing.

The statements made on Beni Doolan‘s personal pages were demands of payment as response were not met via private communications.