Web Host Migration

Our web host migration service is designed for those who currently have an offered web service which is either slow, overpriced or provides little to no customer service. When moving host companies, we’ll evaluate your current budget and service offered to determine a more suitable web host. When ordering this service we’ll update and back-up your site ensuring once transferred your website is clean, safe and secure.


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One of the most common services provided to our customer after a web analysis is their supply and demands on web hosting. Often our customers have been seen to be overcharged for a service which exceeds their requirements.

With our web host migration, we offer our clients a secure and safe transfer of their existing website from their existing hosting to a new server of their choice. Whether the site is built on WordPress, Joomla, Magento or any self-hosting CMS. We’re able to ensure all data remains intact.

During our transfer process, we’ll update all plugins and where possible theme files within their CMS, whilst backup the website with every step along the way. To minimise the impact of downtime, we’ll migrate the website prior to redirecting the domains ensuring the website remains valid and operational at all times.

However with e-commerce websites with high volume sales, the case of database synchronisation difference will be kept at minimal as much as possible, as sales continue to flow in, the database will change with sales, in such cases we’ll create several database backups to ensure once the domain has propagated we’ll update the database accordingly.


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