Speed Optimisation

There is nothing worse than having to wait for a webpage to load. Our website speed optimisation package is designed to improve your visitor’s user experiences as well as reduce bounce rates with the overall goal of increasing conversions and search engine ranking.


Please indicate which website you’d like to have optimised.

Does your current website operate as a store in which products are sold to customers?

Add your site to a Content Delivery Network (CDN) and enjoy speeds across the world.



Your website is your business’ storefront and a digital representation. A slow website accounts for a large number of loss business, around 7% for every second of load time. With our website speed optimisation we aim to reduce all the problems your website is encountering and increase your overall conversions.

Website speed has a massive influencing factor for your organic page rank and your pay-per-click quality score. A slow website is the fastest way to lose new customers and you’ll end up paying more for your ads.

To ensure a complete optimisation of your website we will request these details via email to perform your request.

  • Web Domain Host
  • Web Hosting (Plesk/cPanel)
  • Website Content Management System (Backend/Dashboard)

More details about our website speed optimisation and performance fix here.


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