Jo Howell Photography

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Jo Howell had first contacted us requesting a video similar to Enhanced Studios. The task involved creating a video of the space and the steps involved.

We detailed the task as follows:

  • When clients first arrive at the venue they are met by the team.
  • The clients and pets are then introduced to the equipment and space used for the shoot. Creating a more relaxed environment and increasing the overall quality of the shoot.
  • Following the introduction of pets and equipment, the shoot begins. During the shoot, photographs are taken of both pets and owners as well as the pets alone.
  • After the photo shoot, the clients are asked to return in a period of 2-3 weeks while the images are reviewed and edited.
  • On return, clients are brought back into the viewing room and given the opportunity to view and decide on images from their shoot. Which will be used to create their final product.
  • Finally, clients are given their chosen product to be brought home for display.

Our team began creating this video using a wide range of camera equipment which includes sliders, cameras, and audio devices. The video was made with speed, ready for the Royal Melbourne Show for a live viewing.

With strict deadlines and requirements, we included both stills and film from the shoot to the overall video. The team created the video with great success within the time given.

The video was first created as a highlight video of the entire process and was later shortened to create a quick impact video. This presents all the important information of the video with speed while holding the viewers’ attention.

Client Information

The company is a multi-award-winning studio located in Melbourne focusing on pet photography.

With custom built indoor and outdoor settings, the space offers a large range of different backgrounds. It was named as a finalist in the Australian Professional Photography Awards. Thus, making it one of the top three studios in Australia.