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Evexia Care is leading the call for Australia to develop and disseminate Survivorship Care Plans (SCP) to better inform patients of what to expect post cancer treatment. Each patient’s SCP will allow more tailored and coordinated care with the aim to prevent morbidity and mortality after cancer. Evexia will utilize the SCP to bridge any gaps in information and education of your patient as well as all health providers involved in your patient’s care.

Evexia Care Web Development

Within our team, at Rubix Studios we have a diverse background of graduates, amongst us, a qualified Radiation Therapist. With this knowledge pool readily available, our team had entered the project and broken down the content presented to us into categories which had later determined the structure of our client's website.

Evexia focuses on the wellbeing of patients after their treatment of cancer, which brings us to the feel and creativity behind the design. The design is minimal with a clean and modern appeal, the imagery focused on providing a feeling of 'zen' or peace with aspects of life and growth.


With the design and structure of Evexia Care, we had tested and ensure all coding are compliant across all devices including laptops and phones. The coding behind the design too provides reliability in the further enhancement with search engine optimization.

Behind the scene, alongside our design development, our team have implemented all requirements of installation and setup of required site security layers (SSL). Thus ensuring the safety of users browsing our clients' website. With addition of redirecting previously owned domains to a more viable url.

Our content management system reconfigured as a white label CMS with version and code removal for added security.


Search engine optimisation relies on various factors, one being performance. In a noticeable trend, a slow performing website tends to lose visitors. Evexia's carefully designed website is both SEO compliant as well as Google, Pingdom and GTmetrix optimised.