Emotional Quotient for Optimism

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Emotional Quotient for Optimism (EQO) is a company that enables teachers to lead students of all ages to unlock their emotional intelligence through engaging lessons, teacher professional development, and intensive student retreat experiences.

The EQO program explicitly and comprehensively addresses the Australian Curriculum requirements for the Personal and Social Capabilities while incorporating the principles of Positive Behaviour for Learning and Visible Learning.


Our brief was simple, to deliver two clear message 'who' and 'why' with a call to action.

With a combination of photos and text our team at Rubix Studios carefully designed frame by frame a visually engaging marketing video through a combination of video and photo editing skills.

With the initial images received, we had processed the photos through Lightroom and follow-up editing in Photoshop. The process involved included touching up, colour grading as well as expanding the crop of the images to suit the required bounds of the video.

We had initially planned to purely use Adobe Premiere, however, decided to opt for a combination of Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects to maximise our creative capabilities.