Airbnb Southbank Apartment

Airbnb Southbank Apartment

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Stayriffic Apartment

Stayriffic is a team of property management specialists in the ever-growing holiday rental industry. Managing the requirements of its client's property from interior designs, household consumables, guest interactions, and bookings.

Rubix Studios, first begun this project on the availability of our client, a business traveler from Hong Kong. With this in mind and due to unwanted weather rain and time restrictions, our team at Rubix Studios had arranged for a two-day shoot, capturing the interior and exterior of the property while avoiding unwanted interference.

As a result, we had provided ourselves with the opportunity to capture both dawn and dusk settings which had further enhanced our visual imagery. Capturing the apartment in its most beautiful form during the day and at night.

The property is an actively operating rental listing, which our team had carefully planned and adjusted to. We had kept the property cleaned and arranged in its original given state while causing minimal disturbance to the site during the photography session.

Provided with a two-day photo shoot, it had given us the opportunity to capture the most optimal angles and lighting in the entire apartments and its' carefully design pieces, bringing its most favorable features to life. In addition to capturing the exterior of the complex in both light transition.

Finally, the photos obtained by our team was then edited for unwanted objects, unmoved during the photography process. The lighting, color and saturation were then further enhanced to create a more visually appealing image while keeping its' original size and crop to avoid loss in quality and visibility.

The photos were finally delivered via online storage to Stayriffic within a 24-hour period to successfully increase the drive-in business results.

Proposed Information

The property, located in Southbank and features a one bedroom, one bath fully self-contained apartment across the road from Crown Casino.

The apartment is situated in the center of Melbourne's major entertainment precinct next to the Southbank Promenade, Restaurant and Shopping Precinct.